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Marco di Maggio

Marco Di Maggio has been recognized by the international press as one of top world’s R'n'R guitarist. His brilliant musical background covers many styles, ranging from Rockabilly, Power Surf, R'n'R, Neo Swing, Country and Blues. His distinctive and innovative playing permitted him to perform in front of all kind of audiences and to be appreciated from Rockers, Heavy Metal fans, Jazz musicians and also alternative Rock listeners.

Guitars & Vocal

Matteo Giannetti

Musician and composer. On tour with Marco Di Maggio, Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Maurizio Solieri, Funkareem, Angelo Messini, Marco Parente, Extradivarius, Claudio Gabelloni, M° Italo Lilly Greco, Linda Gayl Lewis, Robert Gordon, Johnny Farina, Greg, Massimo Altomare, Kimiko Kunezaky, O.R.O, La Camera Migliore, Max Gazzè, Marina Rei, Naena, The Jelly Factory.

Eletric Bass & Contrabass

Marco Barsanti

Florentine Drummer active since 1990, has played in Italy and abroad with many artists and groups, ranging from Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz and Pop. He has played with Alchimia, Tracks by Rick Hutton, Andrea Franchi (Paolo Benvegnù), Linda Gael Lewis, Robert Gordon, Di Maggio Connection, Shockbilly Orchestra, Leo Boni trio feat. "Sax" Gordon Beadle (Duke Robbilard) ..


Di Marco Connection Biography


Casale Bauer/Gretsch Guitars/Elixir Strings/Digitech
The DI MAGGIO CONNECTION (Rock, Neorockabilly, Power Surf)

Try shaking some of the wildest face of R’n'R, PsychoBilly-Core, NeoSurf-Rock, add a touch of Hardknocking-Swing and mix it up with the dexterity of this power trio, and you’ll get the Di Maggio Connection.

The band leader, Marco Di Maggio, has been recognized by the international press as one of the top world’s R’n'R guitarist/singer. His brilliant musical background covers many styles, ranging from Rock, Rockabilly, Power Surf, R’n'R, Neo Swing, Country and Blues. He writes his own music with character, mixing up an explosive cocktail of different influences.

They have performed in USA, UK, China, Russia, Holland, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Latvia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Austria,and Italy appearing at top meetings as:

Montreux Jazz Festival 2009 (Switzerland),
Viva Las Vegas 2000, 2001 (USA),
Grand Ole Opry 2001 (USA),
The Olimpic Games In Turin, Italy 2006,
Jackson R’n'r Fest 2000 (USA),
Green Bay ’50′s Fest 2002 (USA),
The Rockabilly Rave ’98, 2001 (UK),
The Eddie Cochran Weekend ’99, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006 (UK),
Munchen R’n'r Fest 2002 (D),
The Summer Jamboree 2002, 2006 (Italy)
Bormio Guitar Festival, Italy 2002,
Saint Agreve Country Fest, France 2003/2007

and many more.

Marco collected important collaborations with many r’n'r legends such as: Terry Williams (Dire Straits), D.J. Fontana (Elvis’ Drummer), Slim Jim Phantom (Straycats’ Drummer), Scotty Moore (Elvis’ Guitarist), Johnny Farina (Santo & Johnny), Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee Sister), Robert Gordon, Billy Lee Riley, The Gene Vincent Blue Caps, just to name a few from a list of over 50 artists.

Terry Williams, the Dire Straits drummer, said about him: “I played with the greatests, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Albert Lee and i can say that Marco Di Maggio is one of them.”

Marco has released 10 cd’s, 1 teaching video, 1 music video, and has appeared in over 35 international compilations.

Interviewed by important tv and radio channels as the BBC in the UK. Starting in 1999 he worked on soundtracks and commercial jingles, and many of his songs have been chosen for inclusion in movies shown around the globe, including the famous tv series “Friends“.

He become popular with his first band, The Di Maggio Bros. and with the Di Maggio Connection Marco he opened a new chapter on his music, releasing the album “The Wildest Game“, 16 tracks of pure dynamite R’n'R.

During 2007, Marco toured in China playing at top clubs in Shanghai, Peking, Hangzhou.

In 2009 Marco went back in the studio to record his 10th albums titled “The Route Of Time” with his band, The Di Maggio Connection.

That same year the Connection went to China, Hong Kong, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Uk, France for a brilliant world tour.

Thanks to M. Casale Bauer, Italy, Marco has been selected by the great Gretsch Guitars to endorse those fabulous instruments and in the same time he started a collaboration endorsing also Elixir Strings.

During July 2009, the band performed at one of the top world’s festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival. On that occasion the show was recorded and the cd was published in 2011.

Steve Aynsley, journalist for the important Uk’s Magazine “Now Dig This”, comments: “Marco Di Maggio is a real genius as a guitarist, songwriter and adaptor of music, outside of his genre and inside it. The Wildest Game is a super, super record!!”

The line up of the Di Maggio Connection is composed by:

Matteo Giannetti (Double Bass/Bass) – One of the best Italian bass player, requested also by lots of famous national acts, both in studio and live appearences, very appreciated music teacher for important music academies.

Marco Barsanti (Drums) – Solid drummer who can play many different styles with dexterity and versatility. He worked with many well known acts, from Rock to Jazz, mixing up great technique and feeling.

The Band

Marco Di Maggio – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Giannetti – Double Bass/Bass
Marco Barsanti – Drums

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Marco Di Maggio

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