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    Firenze, IT
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    Rockabilly, Country, Western Swing, Blues, Surf & Rock’n'Roll, a mix of styles related to Rock’n'Roll and the Country / Jazz

Casale Bauer/ Gretsch Guitars/ Elixir Strings/Digitech & The Rockabilly Hall of Fame

Marco Di Maggio has been recognized by the international press as one of top world’s R’n'R guitarist.

His brilliant musical background covers many styles, ranging from Rockabilly, Power Surf, R’n'R, Neo Swing, Country and Blues.

His distinctive and innovative playing permitted him to perform in front of all kind of audiences and to be appreciated from Rockers, Heavy Metal fans, Jazz musicians and also alternative Rock listeners. He writes his own music with personality, mixing up an explosive cocktail of different influences.

He has performed in USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Holland, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Austria, Italy appearing at top meetings as:

Montreux Jazz Festival 2009 (CH)
Viva Las Vegas 2000/2001 (USA)
Green Bay 50′s Fest 2002 (USA)
Grand Ole Opry/ryman Auditorium 2001 (USA)
Jackson R’n'r Museum 2000 (USA)
Rockabilly Rave ’99/2001(UK)
Eddie Cochran Weekend ’99/2001/2003/2004, 2006
Rock Oz Arenes 2004 (CH)
Rockhouse Festival 2003 (F)
Bormio Guitar 2002 (I)
Elvis Day 2003, 2005, 2006 Treviso (I)
Sant’agreve Country Festival – 2003 (F)
Munchen Rock Fest 2002 (D)
Summer Jamboree 2002/2006 (I)
Giochi Olimpici Torino 2006,
just to mention a few numbers..

Marco played important collaborations with many R’n'R legends such as: Terry Williams (Dire Straits), D.J. Fontana (Elvis’ Drummer), Scotty Moore (Elvis’ Guitarist), Slim Jim Phantom (Straycats’ Drummer), Johnny Farina (Santo & Johnny), Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee sister), Robert Gordon, Billy Lee Riley, The Gene Vincent Blue Caps, also appearing on the same bill as Scotty Moore, Little Richard, The Comets just to name a few from a list of over 50 artists.

Terry Williams, the Dire Straits drummer, said about him: “I played with the greatests, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Albert Lee and i can say that Marco Di Maggio is one of them”

He has released 10 cd’s (so far), 1 teaching video, 1 music video, and has been included in more than 35 international compilations.

Interviewed by important tv and radio channels as the BBC in the UK, from ’99 on he started to work on soundtrack and music spots and many of his songs have been included in movies from all over the world, including the famous tv series “Friends“.

He become populair with his first band, The Di Maggio Bros. and with the Di Maggio Connection Marco opened a new chapter on his music, releasing the album “The Wildest Game“, 16 tracks of pure dynamite R’n'R with a lot of influences from NeoRockabilly, Surf, Rock and Swing.

During 2007, Marco toured China playing at top clubs in Shanghai, Peking, Hangzhou.

During 2008 Marco came back to the studio to record his 10th albums titled “The Route Of Time” with his band, The Di Maggio Connection.

Also in 2008 the Connection went to China, Hong Kong, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Uk, France for a brilliant world tour.

His 10th album, with the Di Maggio Connection, released by Musical Brain, was published in October 2009.

Marco has been selected by the great Gretsch Guitars to endorse those fabulous instruments thanks to M. Casale Bauer – Italy and in the same time he started a collaboration endorsing also Elixir Strings and Digitech effects.

During July 2009, Marco has been invited to perform with the Di Maggio Connection at the great Montreux Jazz Festival, where the band recorded a cd live that will be published the year 2011.

During the last 3 years, Marco was in tour with his projects and also with Robert Gordon, Johnny Farina and Slim Jim Phantom.

Recently, he returned in recording studio to record an instrumental album, it will be published during the autumn 2013.

Steve Aynsley, journalist for the important UK’s Magazine “Now Dig This”, comments: “Marco Di Maggio is a real genius as a guitarist, songwriter and adaptor of music, outside of his genre and inside it. The Wildest Game is a super, super record!!


Marco Di Maggio is a real genius as a guitarist, songwriter and adaptor of music, outside of his genre and inside it. The Wildest Game is a super, super record!

Steve Aynsley – Now Dig This Mag. - UK

I played with the greatests, Mark Knopfler, B.B.King, Eric Clapton, Albert Lee and i can say that Marco Di Maggio is one of them

Terry Williams, batterista dei Dire Straits

The cd of the Di Maggio Bros. is a killer! These cats from Florence, Italy, really know how to shake that shack. But beyond the good rockin’ beat, we have an astoundingly guitar virtuoso throught out this superb record with extremely strong harmonies

Ronnie Weiser - Rollin' Rock Records - USA

Very good album with strong vocals and some of the best guitar work I’ve heard from long time

Steve Aynsley – Now Dig This Mag. - UK

The more pure refreshing rockabilly trio I’ve heard from long time

Bob Timmers - President Of The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame - USA

The Di Maggio Bros. are a great band and Marco Di Maggio is one of world’s best rockabilly guitar, after olive oil, he’s the best italian product

Linda Gail Lewis - Jerry Lee's sister

High Speed Picking, a manic pickin’ instro, just to show the guitarist can play even better than he has done so far

Marc Fenech - Southern & Rocking Music Magazine - UK - Finlandia

They’re all great musicians and have fantastic voices. They are going to do somethin’ really important

This is some high speed stuff, no doubt about it. I predict this will be the CD of ’98. Why american groups aren’t this good?

Joe Waigel - Las Vegas

An incredible italian rockabilly band with a great feeling, guided by an authentic guitar virtuoso

Martin Ace - Man - Galles

Great album, great voices and he’s a hell of guitar player

Bob 'Git It' Kelly, songwriter for Gene Vincent

Man, that boy can play! …and what a nice guy. He’s gonna go places for sure

Dickie Be-bop Harrel (original drummer for Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps) Usa

Great album, great musicians

Bob Mc Carver, Jerry Lee Lewis Manager - USA

After having the privilege and the pleasure of seeing Marco di Maggio at the 1999 Eddie Cochran Weekender, I must suggest that you consider to buy all his albums, including the tribute to Eddie Cochran ‘Thank You Eddie’. Marco has the spirit of Eddie but is no slavish copyst. His recording add to Eddie’s legacy. He has a Gretsch tattooed on his arm demonstrating his love for this music

Bob Hume - Cochran Connection - UK

The title of his last album “Superpicking” is totally justified. He plays all the instruments. The only other artist that could do a work like that maybe would be Darrel Higham

Harry Dodds (now Dig This Magazine) Uk

The Superpicker! Marco Di Maggio combines great feeling with overwhelming techniques and he is unbelievably fast!

Rock And Roll Universe – Germany


D.J. Fontana (Elvis’ Drummer)
Terry Williams (Dire Straits’ Drummer)
Kevin Smith (Bassist For Highnoon And B. Setzer Orchestra)
Albert Lee (Guitar Legend, Everly Bros., Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton..)
Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis’ sister)
Greg (famous Italian Tv Act/singer)
Robert Gordon (r’n'r singer from New York)
Pete Huttlinger (John Denver’s Guitarist)
Paul Burlison (Johnny Burnette’s Guitarist)
Rocky Burnette (Johnny Burnette’s Son)
Billy Lee Riley (Sun Studios Legend)
Dave Roe (Johnny Cash And Dwight Yoakam Bassist)
The Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps (Be Bop A Lula’s Group)
Narvel Felts (Gold Records In Usa)
Billy Swan (Gold Record In Usa, Collaboration With Elvis)
Ray Campi (Rollin’ Rock Star )
Kay Wheeler Gary Lambert (Eddie Cochran And Glen Glenn Guitarist)
Ronnie Dawson (American R’n'r Legend)
Rosie Flores (Nashville Country Singer)
Bill Mack (Gene Vincent’s Bassist)
Sonny Burgess (Sun Sudios Legend)
Lisa Pankratz Alvis Wayne Martin Ace (Man’s Bassist)
Bobby Cochran (Eddie’s Nephew)
Tom Bresh (Merle Travis’ Son)
Hayden Thompson (Sun Recording Artist)
Eddie Angel


Scotty Moore (Elvis’ guitarist)
Little Richard
Bill Haley’s Comets
Wanda Jackson
The Buddy Holly’s Crickets
Marty Stuart
Tony Sheridan (Beatles)
The Jordanaires (Elvis’ vocal background)
Bob Moore (Elvis’ Bassist)
Jet Harris (Shadows)
Brenda Lee
Freddy Cannon
and many more…


Tele Rock And Roll – Rockhouse Rec. 1995 I/NL
Rockabilly Guitar – Video – Playgame Music 1997 I
Rockabilly From The Boots Up – Rockabilly Hall Of Fame 1998 USA
The Golden Age Of R’n'r – CD – Flipper Music – 1999 – Italy
Thank You Eddie – Vampirella Rec. 1999 Germany
Superpicking – Vampirella Rec. 2000 Germany
At Full Speed – Vampirella Rec. 2002 Germany
Everybody’s Movin’ (with Simone Di Maggio) – Vampirella Rec. 2001 Germany
The Wildest Game – Area Pirata Rec – Italy – 2004
Bye Bye Blues – Jungle Records (Finland) – 2005
When I Hit My Stride – Area Pirata Rec – Italy – 2007
The Route Of Time – Musical Brain – Italy – 2010
The Sensational Guitar Sound of Marco Di Maggio Vol. 1 – Ammonia Rec – 2013


Cash On Delivery – CMH Rec. – 1998 USA
Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Vol. 2 – RabHof – 1998 USA
Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Vol. 3 – RabHof – 1999 USA
Swing Your Hips – Whampire Rec. – 1999 D
Swing, Jive And Wail – Whampire Rec. – 1999 D
Kings Of Rockabilly Guitar – Vampirella Rec. – 1999 D
Wild Men Bop 3 – Vampirella Rec. – 1999 D
Wild Men Bop 4 – Vampirella Rec. – 1999 D
The Tribute To Buddy Holly – Whampire Rec. – 1999 D
The Tribute To Jerry Lee Lewis – Whampire Rec. – 2000 D
Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Vol. 4 – RabHof – 2000 USA
Wild Men Bop 5 – Vampirella Rec. – 2000 D
5th Anniversary Vynil – Whampire Rec. – 2000 D
Elvis Still Alive – Vampirella Rec. – 2000 D
Jamboree Xmas Album – Jamboree Rec. – 2000 I
Wild Men Bop 6 – Vampirella Rec. – 2001 D
The Sun Tribute – Vampirella Rec. – 2001 D
The Eec Compilations – Empire Records (Fin) 2005
e molte altre…


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Photography and set design by Max Pruneti

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